Welcome to the blogging world

Hello All! I’ve recently joined the phenomenal world of blogging and I couldn’t be more excited! All my life I’ve always had the mind of a writer. The same deep, profound, intricate mind of the people who share their thoughts and feelings. So here I am – About to perform the magical act of expressing my innermost sentiments.

Writing has always been second nature to me. It started with poetry and then branched into personal compositions. I decided to make a blog partly for organization and partly for an expression outlet. Everyone has their own thoughts, but only a few of us are brave enough to showcase them to the world.

Now obviously, I have no clue how many people will be reading my blog. It could just be me or just my family or maybe a couple close friends. Regardless of that I made the decision to start blogging for myself. It’s going to be a way to encourage myself to keep writing. I’m hoping to commit to posting consistently without fail.

This new blog, “Creative Clarity” will be a compilation of my poetry and personal compositions. There will be no shame, no judgment and no hesitation in what I post. I will write fearlessly! Everything I post will showcase a small piece of me.

So to all my prospective readers, I hope my blog will allow you the opportunity to get to know and understand the person I am and strive to be. Even though we may never meet face-to-face, I’m wishing and praying there will be something special you take away from one or more posts in my collection.

So let the ribbon be cut, the flag be dropped and the green light shine… Here we go!


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