Magnificent disaster

Image: Severe Storms Pass Through Chicago

A breeze sprout shivers over my body. A simple walk through a city of lights is now a dangerous endeavor.

I sprint towards shelter, too far for me to grasp. Sharp winds twist as my scarf is whipped from my neck and swirled into oblivion.

Small crystals soak the Earth as buildings shine in pavement puddles. Clouds vanish from a colorless sky.

My heart is rattled as bolts explode in fits of rage as webs of light split the sky. There is nothing like a perfect disaster.

Feeling helpless, hypnotized I pause as seconds tick and violence grows. Trees fiercely shake as I quietly tremble. 

Waves of wind seize my skin as all control is lost. Back and forth I rock as I rest under the overhang of an evicted building.

Consciousness fades and vibrations resonate inside a pounding chest. I suddenly fall onto hard, unforgiving ground.

Pain worsens as I scream to the sounds of no one as volume surges. Time passes as a few moments become a few hours.

Longing for an end eyes seal and wish away the beautiful horror. Then without warning, silence replaces stirring.

Still and serene, everything rests. I stand, soaking in amazement as I stare at the sky.


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