Airport goodbyes

airportAfter doing long distance for almost two years, there’s one thing my boyfriend and I have had to do many times – say goodbye. These goodbyes are usually at the airport. Airports are stereotyped as the place where romantic and heartbreaking goodbyes take place. This is common in movies. There’s always the couple embracing where the girl  sobs and begs the guy to stay, but he never does – I probably watch too many movies.

Anyway, whether I’m saying goodbye to him or he’s saying goodbye to me, one of us is always getting on a plane and I’m always the one crying. You’d think the more you do something, the easier it would get. Saying goodbye, of course, never does. This last goodbye was definitely the hardest.

My boyfriend studies music at a university in Nashville. The last time I was there was a week ago. While I was visiting him he introduced me to several of his friends. The connections I made with his friends permitted them to become friends of mine as well. After only a week I had developed some of the strongest friendships I’d ever experienced. So this time when I said my goodbye, I was saying it to all of them. 

When I stepped off the plane after it touched back down in Kansas I immediately wanted to fly back. I’ve never felt so connected to a place and the people. I miss it – I miss them. I will do everything in my power to end up in Nashville. God wouldn’t have put these feelings of warmth and belonging in my heart if he wasn’t trying to tell me something. I have to be there.


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