Shopping to serve

There is not a suitable adjective to describe how I feel after volunteering and helping the community. Serving the unfortunate is an indescribable opportunity because of the potential joy it can bring. No matter how unbearable my day or week has been, I know if I can hang on until Thursday night, all the negativity will fade away.

This new opportunity is different than other nonprofit organizations I’ve helped. I’ve never been able to see the people my work affected. At the Village Presbyterian Church, I help community members in person. The church’s food pantry is set up like a grocery store. They do this so parents won’t be embarrassed to bring their children. Their children will believe they’re mommy or daddy is shopping in a real store for food and other supplies they need.


My tasks are simple. I shop with the customers. The term “shop” means taking each customer around the store, aisle by aisle, with a cart and making sure they’re choosing the correct number of items in each category. Walking around and interacting with these people is wonderful because they tell me about their lives. These are just regular people who’ve been badly affected by the economy.

To me, volunteering is an escape. The people I work with are selfless and dedicated to their mission of improving the community. Their love of serving is contagious, and now I’ve contracted the virus and I’m happy to be infected.


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