Sometimes in our darkest moments, when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel and pain has us in its unbearable clutches, we have the opportunity to turn to poetic release. In good and bad times, I transition my feelings into a fictive world of imagery and emotion. “Shattered” was composed during one of my darkest times of heartache and hopelessness. It allowed me to create a new dimension for the pain. This poem represents a low point I will never sink to again.


I trusted and cherished you with every bone in my fragile body.

I thought our souls were intertwined, but you showed no compassion.

Now you’ve broken me. You threw me against a wall knowing I was a glass vessel.

I shattered into a million pieces, unable to be assembled again.

You knelt over me staring at what you had done. Why are you so injured? This fault lies at your feet!

But alas, I want you damaged. Just like I was. You pulverized my wants and desires – left me gasping for breath.

But soon there was no air left for me. I slowly started to fade away.

The colors of me were left draining, like living in black and white.

Stranded in a world where reality was always absent.

Now with ever lie came a new reason to fall apart.

You wanted to take it all back, but it’s too late. Second chances are now long gone and so am I.


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