Young Angels

youngangelsEveryone has one belief that fuels them into being a better person. There is always one topic a person believes so strongly in that no matter what you say their view will not budge. This belief is powerful and tied to their moral, emotional and mental well-being. For me this belief is that life is precious and should be an opportunity given to all, especially the unborn. I refuse to enter into debates or arguments with others. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion based on their experiences and lifestyles. Therefore, I am equally entitled to hold firmly to this principle of mine.

So many broken souls. So many irreparable hearts that were never given a chance at their first breath of life. They lie still and never stir. Sleeping for all eternity. Millions of children. Pure and sweet little angels. Tiny creations in God’s own image. Their deaths were constituted by shameful mistakes and thoughtless decisions of the ignorant. Tears will be shed for all the lost dreams. Young dreams that were intangible. You cannot have your way now because the seeds have been sown. Lives erased before they’ve even begun. The future must offer these masterpieces more time: reasons to breathe, moments to live, times to preserve. These are destined generations. Do not steal them away.


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