Birds of a feather


That little boy, gazing off into the distance in search of the meaning behind existence.

His soft brown hair lying still and serene as he tries to locate what lies between.

Himself and I; his peaceful dove, who is staring back with all her love.

She knows not why he misses her so, for when she leaves, he is left feeling low.

It’s a simple message she’s trying to bind that says, in his heart, he will always find…

His peaceful dove safely locked away. And he will look upon her then and say,

“How in love with you I am my dear for if you leave, I will gather a tear.”

She looked upon his face and saw his dread, and because of that here’s what she said,

“Rest easy for a time and listen to my heart for because of it, we will never part.

We are two birds of one true feather, who will fly together in all sorts of weather.

I love you unequivocally and you feel the same. So let you be my gentleman and I, your dame.”


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