Small speck of courage


War is a difficult thing to define: it’s one little soldier standing in a line.

Why is he there and standing so tall? Doesn’t he get that he is bound to fall?

Yet he is there without any doubt. Clearly, he knows what war is about.

It’s more than just fighting, killing and dying. It’s defending your country or dying while trying.

His courage was what he had inside; it was always steady like a calm ocean tide.

He was never seen as this type of man. For violence, people never imagined him a fan.

They were wrong because he said he’d enlist. However, on his life, war posed an unthinkable twist.

There were tests, trials and results to be met. All seen to him as a simple war bet.

The violence he encountered and the lives he took were more real than any picture in his books.

He witnessed the pain, the torture, and death of war. And the experience changed him down to the core.

But his courage always remained the same, as nothing more than a small, constant flame.

Then when that final bullet hit, his final feelings stayed. He thought, “At least I was brave and didn’t run away.”


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