Home + heart

Home can be as literal as a building you reside in that provides shelter. It can also be figurative: a refuge, safe space, or escape from life’s pressure. Most people have resided in one or more homes. These homes provide essential relief and comfort. For me, home is where your heart belongs. A huge part of your heart is fueled by your family, which is why the home you grew up in is special. Every inch of that house is memorized and certain memories connect the dots between the different rooms. The smell of my mom’s brownies in the kitchen connects to the sound of brother laughing at a funny movie in the living room and that leads to the sight of dad mowing in the backyard.

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.” 

Not every home is a traditional, four-walled, enclosed building with bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. I have a home away from my childhood home: the theatre. Whenever I stand on stage, I feel contentment, fortitude, and conviction. This place fulfills the definition of home. I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not because the theatre accepts me for me. It boosts my confidence and proves that I can take on any obstacle. The theatre-based friendships comprise laughter and compassion. When I think of theatre, my thoughts are filled with success, learning, and collaboration.


As my life continues, I will find more places to call home. Entering adulthood has made me realize that home is much more than a place you reside in. It’s a place that understands and accepts you. We can’t hide away in our childhood homes forever, as comfortable and safe as they are. Stepping out into the world and working to continually learn who we are is a must-seize opportunity. Our journey is unpredictable, but one certainty is that our home(s) will always be the happiest, safest places we have.


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