Infatuation always ends

It’s amazing how something that started out so well can completely dissolve in no time at all. The worst part is you can’t get back all the energy and time you wasted. You’re left without explanation, feeling mentally drained and emotionally vacant. It shouldn’t be a big deal because you and he weren’t even a couple yet. You could’ve been if he’d gotten his act together. But all he wanted to do was drag you along, and because you liked him so much you let yourself be tricked by all the passion and chemistry you thought the two of you had.

I should’ve known better. I know infatuation, or the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever. That’s why it’s called a phase. The excitement infatuation provides starts almost as quickly as it ends. And usually, that’s okay because what follows infatuation is even better.

However, in this case, infatuation was replaced by confusion and frustration. I understand why he made the decision he did. It was a logical, considerate move on his part because he was thinking about the future. He knew we wouldn’t work as a couple because our lives were heading in two different directions. Despite this slight thoughtfulness, it was his execution that made the aftermath unbearable.


It’s been over a month now since we’ve seen each other. You’d think since we were never actually a couple that it’d be easy for me to move on, but it’s not. I can’t stop thinking about all the memories we shared during our seven dates. Our first date was perfect in every way. Our time together feels like a fantasy because of how electric the sparks, chemistry, and passion were. Now that it’s suddenly over, I feel shaken and unsure. Was this whole thing a dream? Am I just now waking up?


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