Lightbulb moment

Every once in a while, you’ll have an epiphany. It could be small or life-changing. Mine was small, but it affected my thinking. Within 21 years, I’ve only been in one relationship. It started sophomore year in high school and lasted almost 5 years – that’s a quarter of my life. This relationship ended last year, and I’ve been single for around nine months. The period after the breakup it was really hard. However, over the summer I realized how great being single is: I only take care of myself; I don’t have to worry about impressing anyone; and best of all, I can casually date around.


I thought after nine months I was ready for a new relationship. I was experimenting with dating apps and narrowing down the search to a few top contenders. Then … *EPIPHANY* Do I really want to commit myself to one guy during my last year of college? Do I really want the extra pressure and stress of a relationship on top of everything else? I like being able to go out with different guys and get to know different people. It’s something I never got to experience during high school or the first couple years of college.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret my almost five-year relationship. I loved my ex-boyfriend and had a good time with him, but now it’s Amy time. It’s time to have fun and experience life before I start a career, get married and have kids. I’m grateful for this epiphany because it revealed something I needed to know: that I’m not ready for a new relationship right now.


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