Standing at a crossroads

crossroadsEvery situation has two sides to it, right? Just like every coin: heads and tails. The decision someone makes also has two sides: an upside and a downside. It’s up to the person to weigh the pros and cons and then choose. No matter what their decision is, even if it ends up being the wrong one, they shouldn’t be allowed to complain about the choice that they knowingly made. I think before every decision each one of us goes through a stage called “crossroads.” It’s that moment right before you choose the direction you’re going to go. This is the time to consider the direction your choice will take you – consider the enlightening opportunities, the possible risks and the inevitable consequences. I’ve been at a crossroads for weeks now, and I need to make a decision.

My situation has two sides to it too: choosing to remain single or pursuing a new relationship. Being single and being taken are two sides of the same coin. Someone could choose either side for different reasons. Being single gives you freedom to only worry about yourself, flirt with anyone you want and not be bogged down by someone else. However, a relationship provides you with someone who is always there for you; someone you can talk to; who will bring you up when you’re down. Not to mention holding hands, long embraces and kisses and cuddling.

Right now, I thought I wanted to be single. I thought I NEEDED to be single. Lately though I’ve been feeling lonely and missing the things that a relationship provides. I need to decide whether I’m actually ready for a new relationship. Has it been long enough? Am I resisting simply because I’m scared of starting something new? Whatever the reason I have to pinpoint it and fast! If I don’t then I’ll be stuck standing at a crossroads staring at the two alternative roads that I could take.


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