Expecting a fairytale ending

weddingThis past weekend I had the privilege of watching one of my best friends tie the knot. Not only was I able to witness the moment, but I was able to share in her special day as one of her bridesmaids. Out of everything – the rehearsal dinner, wearing a fancy dress, meeting new people – the most memorable moment was standing on-stage (they were married in a theater) during the ceremony watching her future husband tear up as she walked down the aisle.

She has always been beautiful – I’ve always thought of her as comparable to a real-life princess. Now she’s the beautiful princess who finally found her Prince Charming. Seeing the two of them declare their love through written vows was one of the most magical moments I’ve experienced. She scored her prince and will now live in a fairytale for the rest of her life. I couldn’t be happier for her. She deserves every happiness and so much more, but it makes me wonder… Where’s my fairytale?

Trust me; I know that God has devised a plan for me and my life. I’m fully aware that He knows exactly when, where and how I’ll meet the man of my dreams. I trust His plan for me wholeheartedly – But is it bad that recently I’ve been growing more impatient and anxious? I’m a writer, and I need to know how the story ends. I feel like I’m currently stuck between chapters. Who is this new character and when will he be introduced into the plot?

I really want it to be the kind of ending my best friend received. I want someone who will be selfless and willing to sacrifice for the good of our relationship. I want a man who will showcase his unconditional love for me in new and exciting ways every day. I want someone who will stand by me with loving support and encouragement on good and bad days – because we all have our ups and downs. I want him to hold my hand and kiss me at unexpected moments. He’ll be my strong protector, my handsome knight in shining armor, my sentimental sweetheart. He will always be, hands down, the first person to turn to when I need advice, reassurance or just a warm, comforting hug.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m being too picky – maybe my expectations are too high. I’ve thought about lowering my standards, but then I stop and think… “No, I deserve the best and God wouldn’t want me to settle.” Somewhere out there is the perfect compatible mate. Someone who will fall in love with all my strengths, my flaws, my strange quirks, my looks, my personality – everything there is to love! He’ll be my best friend, my partner in crime, my support system, my lover and most importantly, a fellow follower of Christ. I know he’s out there, and I cannot wait to finally meet him.


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