Expecting a fairytale

Last weekend one of my good friends tied the knot. Instead of being stuck in the audience, I witnessed her special day as a bridesmaid. Out of everything – the rehearsal dinner, wearing a fancy dress, meeting new people – the most memorable part was standing on stage (they were married in a theater) and watching her fiancé tear up as she walked down the aisle.

She’s always been beautiful like a real-life Disney princess, and now she’s married to her real-life Prince Charming. Seeing them declare their love through written vows was very sweet and magical. For the rest of their lives, they will live out their happily ever after. I’m happy she found the love she deserved, but it leads me to wonder … where’s my fairytale?


I know God has a plan. I also know that he’s already picked out the man of my dreams. He knows exactly where this guy is, who he is and why we’d be perfect together. Normally I’m more patient than this, but I really want to know how my story ends. I’m a writer, can you blame me? I feel stuck between chapters. When will this guy be introduced in the story that is my life?

I want the kind of ending my friend had. I want someone who’s willing to sacrifice for our relationship. I want a man who will display love in new ways. I want someone who will stand by me with support and encouragement on good days and bad days. I want him to hold my hand and kiss me unexpectedly. He will always be the first one I turn to for advice, reassurance or a hug.

Sometimes I wonder if my expectations are too high. I’ve thought about lowering them, but then I stop and think, “No, I deserve the best and God wouldn’t want me to settle.” My perfect mate is out there. He will fall in love with my strengths, my flaws, my quirks, my looks and my personality. He’ll be my best friend, my protector, my partner in crime, my support system, my lover, and most importantly a fellow follower of Christ. I know he’s out there, and I cannot wait to finally meet him.


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