Failed friendships

Why are the friends you hold onto the hardest always the biggest disappointments? I suck at choosing long-lasting, quality friends. Apparently, the qualities I’m searching for are scarce: loyalty, sense of humor, trust, and compassion. Friendships are pretty basic. All you need to make a friendship work is two parties who care enough to maintain it. How hard is that? Unfortunately, I’ve been playing both roles in my friendships for years.

Many so-called friends didn’t display adequate dedication from the start. They’re all the same: poor communication skills and lack of initiative, but a blast to be with in person. When the friendship faded, they didn’t put up a fight or seem to care at all. After all, they didn’t care about the friendship when it existed, so why would start caring now?

“We are not friends, nor are we enemies. Rather two strangers who share the same memories.” – Luna Emerson

The hardest part is letting go. I hang on because of the good memories and block out the bad. This is why I’ve held onto worthless friendships for longer than I should have. Several failed friendships have taught me how to spot warning signs early. If there are enough red flags, I’ll end it before it has the chance to start disintegrating.

We all deserve top-notch friends, and I shouldn’t have to lower my standards to find them. I want friends who will initiate hang-outs, text conversations, and phone calls. I’m tired of doing all the work in my friendships. I want someone who will exert the effort because they believe I’m worth it. They’ll make me laugh and remain a loyal and compassionate confidant. I know there are people out there who want the same things. All I have to do is find them.


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