Wrong reason to change

fitting inEveryone is unique – no two people are exactly the same. Although we may share common interests, morals, beliefs and skills as someone else there are still significant differences between us. These differences what make us who we are. This, in my opinion, is why the human race is so fascinating. We are such an exceptionally diverse group of creatures, yet we’re able to  function as a united society. Even though differences can sometimes be the root of divisions, they are primarily beneficial to each one of us.

I have made it a priority of mine to appreciate all the characteristics that make me who I am. I’ve learned to love my strengths and my flaws because they continue to showcase the person I am and strive to be. Being completely accepting of who you are is challenging at times because of the strong desire to fit in and be loved by everyone around you. During high school I was a total “people pleaser” – I altered parts of myself to make other people happy. When I got to college I realized how wrong that was. The right people will be completely accepting and open to all the parts of me – they would never ask or want me to change anything about myself.

Today I discovered that a friend of mine has been doing things and becoming someone she isn’t. It’s heartbreaking for me to watch because I know she’s only doing these things to fit in. She has always been labeled as the stereotypical “good girl” because that’s who she is – And I like that about her! Now I’m hearing stories from other people of things she’s getting involved in. These are things that in my wildest dreams I wouldn’t imagine her doing. Who is she becoming? I want to say something to her. I want to tell her that she shouldn’t be changing herself in order to fit in with this crowd, but what right do I have to interject? No right. This is her life and if she wants to turn into someone else who’s hardly recognizable then I’m just going to have to let the chips fall as they may.


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