A gleaming guidance

I believe that everything happens for a reason. All the little things that happen are connected to the overall plan God has for my life. Only he knows what my future holds, even if that means telling me to walk blindly through my present without a sense of direction. I’m not saying I don’t trust his plan because, after all, He is the way, the truth and the life. What I’m saying is because of freewill I make my own decisions too – whether those decisions follow his plan is something I’ll never be entirely certain of. These small and large decisions I make will affect the course of my life in both positive and adverse ways.

You hear people talk all the time about fate, destiny, coincidence, luck – which concept they believe in. In romantic story lines you hear about love at first sight and how the two lead characters were destined to live happily ever after. I don’t know if I believe in such extreme circumstances as these, but I do believe in signs – only God knows my future, but He is still kind enough to provide small signs to light my journey along the way. Lately, these signs have been small hints about the next chapter of my life – something I’ve been unsure about for a while now.

I’ve been living the life of a single woman for almost a year now, and lately I’ve been wondering if the next chapter of my life will include someone special by my side. Someone to support me, care about me and have new, exciting adventures with me. I didn’t really know what to expect when it came to finding that special someone. I didn’t know how he was going to enter into my life, but I knew that when he did I would need a little additional help in realizing his presence. I’m an oblivious person a majority of the time so when it comes to signs I prefer them to be lit up in neon, flashy colors.

These past couple days I’ve noticed flashy signs that have been making me think about what’s coming. These signs have been rather small, but they’ve all been leading me towards one particular person. It’s become clear that God wants us to continue getting to know each other because it’s all a part of the plan He has for both of us. Although I’m nervous about what my future has in store for me, I feel completely comfortable and confident knowing that He put this person in my life for a reason – I’m eager to find out what that reason is.


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