Thinking vs. feeling

In the world, we have feelers and thinkers, or more plainly, people who think with their heart and people who think with their mind. I inherited my mother’s characteristics of sensitivity and empathy, aka a feeler. Being a feeler is not a bad thing. It allows me to connect and understand people in ways thinkers can’t. I’m outstanding at comforting and listening to others, which leads people to vent and come to me for advice.

Recently, I feel like a thinker. I’m over-analyzing and stressing about things that a feeler wouldn’t worry about. Typically, I give my heart control of decisions because I know I’ll be happy with the outcome. But let’s be real. You can’t go through your life with your heart in the driver’s seat. Logic and analysis have parts to play, too. I don’t want my heart to give up control because I don’t want to be a full-on thinker. To me, thinkers lack emotional skills and are impossible to connect with. I want to be open, charming and sensitive.


I think the reason I’m drifting is that there’s a lot of change in my life right now. These changes are forcing me to take on a logical point of view. What I’ve learned is that sometimes you need to be a thinker and sometimes you need to be a feeler. Certain situations will require some of each, and it’s up to you (and God) to help decide which qualities you need in that moment.


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