Mindless heart follower

follow your heartThere are two kinds of people in this world: there are feelers and there are thinkers. People who think with their heart and people who think with their mind. People who are ruled by their feelings and people who prefer to be ruled by logic. I blame my own mother for the fact that I inherited her characteristics of being overly sensitive and empathetic — in other words, a typical feeler. Being a feeler, in my opinion, has never been a bad thing. It allows me to connect and understand people in ways that thinkers never can. As a feeler I am an outstanding comforter and listener and people often come to me for advice and just the opportunity to let off some steam. So, basically, I pride myself for having the abilities and qualities of a feeler.

Recently though, I feel myself drifting to the side of a thinker. I find myself over-analyzing and stressing about things that as a feeler I normally wouldn’t worry about at all. In decision-making I typically allow my heart to make the choice because then I’ll at least know that I made the choice that would make me happier. But, let’s be real. You can’t go through your whole life with your heart behind the steering wheel. Logic, judgment and analysis have to constitute some kind of role. It’s just hard because I desperately do not want to be a full-on thinker. Thinkers to me are people who lack emotional skills and are nearly impossible to connect with — and I don’t want that to be me. I want to be that open, charming, sensitive girl who I’ve always loved being.

I think the main reason behind this “drifting pattern” is that a lot is changing in my life right now. These changes are forcing me to saddle a more analytic rather than emotional viewpoint. The only solution to this is to just release all the stress, all the obsession, all the stupid worry and just give it up to God. He knows what’s best for me right now and I just have to learn to trust that everything will work in the end with His help. I have to stop trying to control everything and everyone in my life. Besides, it’s proving to be quite exhausting — physically and emotionally.


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