Comparable differences

It’s incredible how two things that are so similar can end up being so different. When these two things are placed side by side they appear to be polar opposites. This, however, is not a bad thing – at all. Especially when the two comparable things are relationships. I’ve always thought the way we interact with someone displays much more than just a surface-level connection. Mainly the interaction shows how comfortable we feel when we’re with that individual. The amount of smiles they can put on our face and the quantity of laughs they can cause are both signs of a secure level of comfort. Being able to feel like you don’t have to hide anything or hold any part of your personality back because you know that they’ll accept everything about you – without question or hesitation.

It’s such a relief having a relationship filled with jokes, laughter and total understanding. It’s free of judgement, manipulation and superficiality – it feels so wonderful not having to deal with any of that anymore. Being able to feel so certain that I can be who I am and know that he’ll like me no matter what. He doesn’t try to change me, mold me or force me to be someone I’m not. He likes me – for me. For the funny, giggly, charming, goofy, loud, crazy girl that I am and who I adore being. In my last relationship I felt like I was constantly being pressured to change and conceal parts of my personality because they didn’t fit into his concept of a “perfect girl.” I found myself becoming more dependent, needy and insecure, which if you know me – those qualities are not me.

But now, things are so unbelievably different – it amazes me every single day. I feel like I’m back to being the Amy I’m meant to be. In addition to that I now have someone who builds me up, supports me and helps me grow to be a better person. Someone who I’ll never have to hide from, change for or be manipulated by. An individual with solely good intentions who wants the same thing I want – to be deeply cared for. I feel so blessed to have such a positive, inspired relationship that is continuing to blossom from a firm foundation of friendship.


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