Never stop fighting

prolife6Today marks the 43rd anniversary of a horrendous law being in effect. Roe v. Wade, the law that made abortion legal, was put into place in 1973. This law is the reason behind all the babies who have been willingly sacrificed because of the selfishness, ignorance and blindness of women. It boggles my mind how someone could think that abortion isn’t an act of murder. By definition, abortion is ‘the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.’ As a Catholic, I’ve always believed that life begins at conception. Therefore, a fetus is a living life and by terminating that fetus through the act of abortion you are ending a human life, no matter how small and frail that life is.

Unfortunately, pro-choice proponents fail to realize the terrible consequences of abortion – the guilt and regret that resides with the woman and the life that was stolen away from an unborn child. Pro-abortion advocates are too concerned with preaching about how a woman should be allowed to do what she wants with her body. They often carry signs displaying “My Body, My Choice.” While a portion of that statement is true, this isn’t about the woman’s rights, it’s about the rights of the unborn. Abortion steals away these rights. And what’s worse is that an unborn child has no one to stand up for him or her. This is why pro-life activists exist – we are the voice for these children. We are the fighters who speak on their behalf. Even though we haven’t succeeded in overturning the law, I know our day will come.

I often think about how different our society is now compared to when I was a little girl. Society has shifted so drastically in the past decade. So many hot-button issues have become emphasized: gay marriage, drugs, sex and abortion. It has become so difficult to proclaim my Catholic stance against these issues when everyone seems to be in support of them. I pray to God every day that He bestows not only the courage for me to stand up and speak out, but to recognize that change isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s those little pieces of kindling that we lay down now that will someday cause a spark to ignite and cause the world to be a better place. A place where all life is respected, even the unborn. A time when society will understand that true love is a bond meant for a man and a woman. That is the kind of world I want to live in and I will never, ever stop fighting for that future.


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