Having my back forever

It’s human instinct to crave unconditional love. This love can come from different sources, whether a parent, sibling, friend, grandparent or spouse. This endless stream of love counteracts life’s adversity. I’ve been fortunate to receive unconditional love from my whole family including one person in particular. She’s stood by my side for over twenty-two years and nursed every wound, calmed every cry and celebrated every joy – my mother.


It’s kind of lame to say your mother is your best friend. If it’s lame then, fine, call me lame. She’s the one who keeps me grounded. I don’t have to filter what I say or censor my personality around her. Many of my traits were inherited from her: outgoingness, the smile, ability to talk to anyone and constant laughter. I tell my mom everything (Maybe I omit a couple things). I trust her advice during tough times. She knows me better than I know myself, which is why she’s the only one who can talk me down when I’m overthinking. This is why when I’m away at school she’s the one I miss most.

Yesterday was a horrible day. I was dealing with roommate issues and had lost my work keys – plus I was balancing seven classes, two jobs, and extracurriculars. When my mom called she sensed something was wrong before I broke down in loud sobs. I ranted about everything that had happened. “I can’t do this Mom, I can’t handle this. Why does all this sh#% keep happening to me?” Step-by-step she addressed each issue and calmly talked me through how to resolve it. She kept repeating. “Amy, if anyone can handle all this, it’s you.” Her faith in me kept me going. After I hung up I’d already wiped away my tears and was ready to move forward.

I believe having unconditional love and support is key to surviving life’s challenges. Without it, how are we supposed to make it to the end of the tunnel?  Having someone to provide you love is reassurance that you’ll never have to face life alone. Someone will always have your back.


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