Good things take time

Time is a high-demand asset. People complain about the lack of time instead of appreciating it. There’s a lot of pressure to make the most of your time. This pressure makes people forget how to take life at a slower pace. Society pushes us to rush, and I’m as guilty as everyone else. Beating the clock also applies to romantic relationships.

I always thought relationships needed to be rushed – particularly in the physical sense because that’s what men expect. If you don’t move fast enough, they lose interest. The downside of going too fast is eliminating the chance to develop an emotional bond. Main lesson: relationships that move too fast are guaranteed to end just as fast. When physical intimacy is what the relationship is about, emotional bonding slides to the back burner.

I recently¬†met someone who changed my perspective. He showed me that being physically intimate isn’t the most important thing. It’s acceptable to place the focus where it should be: fostering an emotional connection.

“When you want to do something right, which is usually what you should be striving for, you tend to slow down.” – Jason Fried

By fostering an emotional connection first, you know your personality is more important than your looks. Falling in love and tossing your emotional or physical chastity out the window do not go hand-in-hand. You see value in the person you’re with when you slow things down. You fall more in love with the simple signs of affection: holding hands during a walk, feeling his arm around your shoulders or pushing a strand of hair behind your ear. These moments are more appreciated as you continue your slow journey toward something special.


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