Good things take time

There are many norms present in today’s society. One of these norms is the concept of time. We view time as an asset, a precious asset that there never seems to be enough of. We’re constantly at odds with trying to squeeze in as much activity into the twenty-four hour limit we have for each day. People have come to complain about the lack of time instead of choosing to appreciate it. It’s unfortunate the amount of pressure associated with time. People have forgotten how to take life at a slower pace, and we’ve become programmed to rush, and rush, and never stop rushing to complete everything on our imaginary to-do lists. I am guilty of doing this, just like the other 320 billion people in the world. The idea of rushing applies not only to daily routines, but to our romantic relationships.

I had always thought up to this point in my life that relationships had to be hurried into in regards to the physical aspect, mainly because that’s what the man expects. By developing a physical relationship too early on you eliminate the privilege of truly getting to know each other. This was a luxury I was never able to have because of the men who pursued me. I realized fairly quickly that the relationships that start too fast are almost guaranteed to end just as fast. Romantic physical interaction creates an extra layer of pressure, and it soon becomes all you think about and look forward to. The concept of learning more about each other then slides to the back burner and becomes less of a priority. I recently met someone who changed my perspective on things. He showed me that being physically intimate with someone isn’t the most important thing. It’s perfectly fine to place the focus on where it should be: the emotional connection.

By fostering an emotional connection first, and not feeling forced to physically satisfy someone from the very beginning, I know that my personality is being enjoyed and sought after rather than my body. I’ve also realized that you don’t have to fall in love immediately and toss your emotional chastity out of the window. By taking things slow you come to truly value the person you’re spending time with. You come to value their heart and its contents. If you just continue to spend time and learn about the person they are, the feelings will come when they’re meant to. You also fall more in love with the simple acts of physical affection – holding your hand during a walk, the feeling of his arm around your shoulders, or a moment when he pushes a strand of your hair behind your ear. These are the moments that make your heart soar, and they’re more appreciated as you continue on your slow, meaningful journey toward something special.


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