A starry night romance

stars starsWe all have those special moments that highlight our lives. Those are the moments that lift us up and allow us the opportunity to witness the true beauty that life has to offer. During these moments our aim is to focus solely on the joy we’re feeling, and the desire we have to want to live in that moment forever. But, of course, no good thing lasts forever so eventually these moments will end and then transform into memories. These memories remain in our hearts and replay over and over again in our dreams. I recently had one such moment, this moment filled me with so much amazement that I don’t know if, as a writer, I have the perfect words to describe it.

This moment fulfilled a long-time personal fantasy: to dance beneath a starry night. Doesn’t that sound like a scene from a classic, romance novel? I have someone in my life who enjoys making my dreams come true by romancing me in the most unique ways. Some of the things he’s done have left me breathless. It was a Sunday night, and the sky was crystal clear with every single cloud vanished from existence. We climbed into his truck and departed for his isolated 38 acres of land. He positioned the truck perfectly and began spreading blanket after blanket in the truck’s bed. I opened my door and gazed up into the night sky, which immediately stole my breath. In all my life, I had never seen such a incredible collection of stars. It appeared as though God had dumped an entire bucket of glitter onto a black sheet of paper. The stars sparkled in all their beautiful glory as we laid down underneath our blankets in the chilly 35-degree air.

In that moment time seemed to stand still. I felt his warm breath hit my face as he pulled me closer to his chest and wrapped his arms around me. Never in my life had I felt so loved and protected. Even without the moon, the stars illuminated the sky and placed a blueish light on our faces. He then grabbed my hand and asked me if I was ready to dance. We slid off the truck, and we slowly danced on uneven ground to Three Doors Down mixed with  the distant howls of coyotes. I looked up into his eyes and was greeted with a kiss, and in that second I felt a surge of adoration. This man brought me here and created this moment for me, and because of that I will have a new memory that will always make me think of him and only him. After all, “Tonight it’s only you and me.” ♥♥♥


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