Night under the stars

Certain moments are the highlights of our lives. They lift us up to witness life’s unique beauty. We want these moments to last forever, but all we can really do is focus on the joy in that moment. Once these moments end, they turn into memories that we can replay whenever we want. I recently had one such moment that I’m not sure, as a writer, I’ll be able to put into words. 

It fulfilled a long-time fantasy: dancing under the stars. It was Sunday night, and the sky was completely clear. We climbed in his truck and traveled to his 38-acre property. He positioned the truck and spread out a blanket. I exited the truck and gazed up at the sky. I was instantly mesmerized. I had never seen such an incredible collection of stars. It looked like God dumped a bucket of glitter on black paper. The stars continued to sparkle as we laid down in the 35-degree weather.


In that moment time seemed to stand still. I felt his warm breath hit my face as he pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me. Never in my life had I felt so loved. Even without the moon, the stars illuminated the sky. Then he grabbed my hand and asked me if I was ready to dance. We slow danced on the uneven land to Three Doors Down mixed with distant howling. I looked up into his eyes and was greeted with a kiss. We both now had a new memory that would remind us of each other. 


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