Habits are hard to break

We all have habits – those annoying patterns that we just can’t seem to break. They stick with us, and while they may be positive or negative, they quickly become identifiers of who we are. These little quirks make us unique, and they’re things that we hope the right people will learn to tolerate. It is possible to break a habit, but it takes discipline and lots of it. You have to be patient and expect a relapse every once in a while. Most of the time we have to come to terms with the fact that maybe this habit is a part of us for a reason: it highlights our personality. I have recently noticed a habit emerge that I haven’t seen in a while: saying “I love you” too much.

Being an extrovert I’ve never been very skilled when it comes to hiding my emotions, and I have that tendency to wear my thoughts and feelings right out on my sleeve. It’s easy to look at my facial expressions and know exactly what’s on my mind, especially if you know me pretty well from spending a substantial amount of time with me. My thing is that when I’m happy, the world knows it and when I’m upset or angry, the world knows that too. I’ve never been a conservative person and I probably never will be. However, this bad habit of blurting out the phrase “I Love You” has to stop. To some, this isn’t seen as a huge deal because expressing emotions is healthy – especially the positive emotions. Nonetheless, all good things – love included – should be saved and expressed in special moments. If you say the phrase too much then the meaning will be lost.

Unfortunately, my brain and mouth are not on the same page. I just can’t seem to keep those three words from escaping the constructs of my mouth, and I hate it. It’s a habit that hasn’t resurfaced for a while because I haven’t been in a relationship with a guy I’m absolutely crazy about. Whenever I do say it – which is approximately every five minutes at times – he, of course, being a gentleman, says it back to me and doesn’t mind it. To me, it’s annoying to hear on constant repeat. He doesn’t say it nearly as often, so when he does I get goosebumps and my heart races, which is the way I want him to feel when I say it. I, Love and You are three extremely powerful words that when assembled side by side show your truest feelings for someone, which is why they need to be protected and saved for those special moments. My brain and mouth need to come to an agreement on when those special moments are, because they’re definitely not every five minutes.

Most people tell me that overusing this phrase isn’t classified as a bad habit because it’s a habit that is tied to who I am: an outgoing, loving person. However, it’s a habit that needs to become a controlled choice. The transition will bring back the significant, meaningful intent this phrase deserves.


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