Luckiest girl in the world

My chaotic lifestyle makes it difficult to think about anything other than my classes and graduation. Some days are so overwhelming that I feel my sanity slipping away. The accumulation of projects, assignments, and commitments from seven classes is enough to do that. But I’ve found relief – someone who’s stood by my side for the past two months and who I know will be there for much longer.

slow dancing

Every moment I’ve spent with him brought joy, laughter, and happiness into my busy life. When I’m with him all the stress melts away. He exposes me to a world of romance that I’ve never experienced – this is why he’s so special. We’ve cuddled beneath the stars and most recently, we slow danced in the rain. I never thought these activities would become a part of my reality. I guess that’s what happens when your relationship resembles a fairytale.

Now no matter how crazy things get, I have someone to rely on for emotional support. Someone who’s always a text away. I can’t believe we’ve only been together for two months, and even though I don’t get to see him as often as I wish, he still makes me smile when I need it. After all, before I met him I didn’t know what it was like to think about someone and smile for no reason at all.


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