Luckiest girl in the world

slow dancingWe have all had those moments that make us stop and think about how lucky we are. Even more so, we all have those people who cause this realization because of how they’ve kept us grounded. Due to my current chaotic lifestyle, I don’t have much time for anything aside from school and planning post-graduation. There are days that the stress is so overwhelming that I can barely cling to my sanity. All the projects, assignments and commitments give me the sensation that I’m drowning and can hardly tread the deep water resembling my final semester. But I have found my salvation – someone who has stood by my side for the past two months, and who I know will be there for much longer.

Every moment I have been able to spend with this guy has brought an abundance of joy, laughter and true happiness into my busy life. When I’m with him every ounce of stress, shred of anxiety and pound of pressure just melts away. He exposes me to a world of old fashioned romance that I have never had the privilege of experiencing – and this is why he is so special and so different. We have cuddled beneath the stars and most recently, we slow danced in the rain. These are both activities that most couples dream about doing, but few actually end up following through. Each of us witness actors in movies and TV shows engage in these powerful, emotional moments, and to most of us these moments are labeled as pure fantasy. However, I’ve become one of the lucky girls who has been able to transform this fantasy into a reality that I get to live in on a daily basis.

This fantastical reality has made my hectic life more manageable because I know no matter how hard things become I have someone to turn to. Someone who is always a text or phone call away – who will provide just the right words to restore a smile to my face. The cute emoji’s he includes in text messages and the hugs he gives in person are all I need to regain a tighter grasp on my sanity. It’s amazing to think about how I feel after only two months of being with him. The feelings that pulsate through my heart when I’m with him are indescribable, and I know he feels the same way. Even though I don’t get to see him as much as I wish, he still has the ability to bring a serene smile to my face every single day. After all, before I met him I didn’t know what it was like to look at someone or think about someone and smile for absolutely no reason at all.


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