Diving into adulthood

This post is being created on my new MacBook Pro laptop. I’m very happy to have one, but I don’t miss the difficult decision-making process that took place in order to get my hands on one. From what I’ve noticed, making tough decisions is a package deal when it comes to being an adult.

My MacBook Pro laptop, including the warranty, cost about $1,500 – an enormous amount in the eyes of a post-grad. Heck, I wasn’t even spending my money on it. It was a graduation gift from my grandparents. However, I’m cautious when it comes to spending significant amounts of money. Maybe it has something to do with my bargain-hunting background. I spent hours researching, asking around, and convincing myself that a Mac was the right fit. I kept wondering, “Is this going to be worth $1,500?”

Macbook Pro Retina 15inch. Photo: Josh Valcarcel

The person who helped the most was my Oma. She knew, because of my interest in design, that a Mac would be the right fit. She was going to accompany me during the search, but life has a way of throwing curveballs. I was forced to put on my big-girl pants, collect all the advice and research I could, and make the first major decision of my adult life.

Now that I have it, I feel relieved because I know it’s going to last and fulfill my writing and design needs. When I thought the stress was over, I realized it’s just beginning. I’m 22 years old and the next several years will consist of huge decisions. It’s terrifying to think about the repercussions of each choice, but then I think about the upside. For the first time, I’m in control. All I have to do is trust that I have the best tools to design a great future. After all, these tough decisions will produce my greatest memories.


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