God quenches thirst

Yesterday my boyfriend and I tried out a new church in North Topeka. We’d driven by this church before, and each time we commented on its size and structure. The landscaping is beautiful while the interior is spacious with high-pitched ceilings and widened pews. Before Mass, I gazed around the nave. There were no stain glass windows, but something on the sanctuary caught my eye: an engraving below the crucifix that read, “I Thirst.” Even outside our faith, we are thirsting to feel or fill a void in our life.

For me, it was a desire for independence and to be loved, and my undying faith fulfilled both. By relying on God I’ve discovered who I’m meant to be, and by trusting him I’ve found someone to love. I struggled with self-esteem after my last relationship. When I decided to offer all the fear, anger and regret to God. When I did that, he quenched my thirst by providing the love and reassurance I needed.

final photo

These two words sparked all these thoughts as I sat next to the love of my life. A man I wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t gone through that difficult period. I wasn’t prepared when my last relationship ended and neither was my heart. Through God’s help when I was ready, he came into my life. I looked over at him repeatedly and giggled. He asked why I was smiling, but all I could say was “Nothing baby” and kept on smiling. I smiled because I knew God brought us together for a reason. I know as long as I maintain my faith I’ll never go thirsty again.


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