Don’t disregard small stuff

When in a relationship, there are ways to tell if your S/O truly loves you. It could be the way his eyes light up when you walk in a room; the passion he exerts when he kisses you, or the way he holds your hand when you’re walking through a store. Reassurance doesn’t always come from grandiose romantic acts, it can come from smaller acts of kindness, too.

I have the memory of a goldfish compared to my boyfriend. He will remember the most insignificant things I mumble in conversation. Then he takes that mumbling and does something sweet. Let me give an example. I’m a coffee drinker because I require an extra jolt to help me get moving in the morning. When I started spending weekends at his house, I went without coffee because he didn’t own a coffee maker. At one point I tried to talk him into buying one, but he said it was a waste of money. So I dropped it.


On a Saturday morning weeks later, he asked, “Hey baby, would you like some coffee?” I was pretty groggy at this point, so I scolded him for tempting me with something I knew he didn’t have. He smiled and told me he bought some instant coffee. I was surprised he remembered how much I loved my morning coffee. When we eat breakfast, we each enjoyed a cup of french vanilla instant coffee.

Some people think bigger romantic gestures prove that you’re loved more than subtle acts of kindness. I’d argue it’s the opposite. Knowing that your S/O listens to you and remembers even discreet things you say shows how much he cares. I know I’m loved because of french vanilla instant coffee.


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