Star marked with love

There are a lot of events that happen in TV shows and movies that we never imagine will happen to us. Events like slow-dancing in the rain or you and your love lying next to each other gazing up at the stars. Both events have now occurred in my life. Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming when my boyfriend makes romantic gestures, but last Friday was the greatest.

Our six-month anniversary is in August. Lately, he’s been teasing me about my gift. “Amy, you’re totally gonna cry when I give it to you.” How is a girl supposed to compete with that? The only hint was that it involved stars. I had no idea what to expect, but I figured he wouldn’t let it slip until our anniversary weekend.

Surprisingly, he caved a month early. Last Friday we had a bonfire and grilled up some chili cheese dogs in his backyard. After dinner, we laid down in the bed of his truck and waited for the stars. He turned and said, “Wow Amy, tonight would be the perfect night to give you your anniversary present.” I asked him how badly he wanted me to open the gift. On a scale of one to ten, he was an eight. “Alright, you can give it to me early.” He ran inside and when he returned he told me to close my eyes.

I opened my eyes to find a laminated certificate from the Star Registry for a star named Amy & John. The certificate had a personalized message, “I name this star for us. May it shine like our love. Forever and always. I love you, Amy.” I started to tear up, just as he predicted. I couldn’t believe he’d taken our stargazing activity and turned it into such an incredible gift.


Along with the certificate was a map of our star’s location. One by one the stars appeared. He looked up and pointed to our star. Our love was now a part of the endless beauty that makes up the nighttime sky. As I gazed at the sky I knew the man who’d only been in my life for five months was worth holding onto.

The final part of the gift was a star gem that he fashioned into a necklace the next day. Whenever I wear that necklace, I look down and think about how lucky I am to have a man who loves me so dearly.


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