Apples-to-good memories

apples to applesI’ve always known that when you marry someone you’re marrying his family too. So it’s important to fall in love with your significant other and “fall in like” with their family during the dating phase. This concept is important to me because I don’t want my future marriage to encompass my family and husband not getting along and vice versa. When I reach the point in a relationship when I meet my boyfriend’s family I always hope they’re the kind of people I could see spending the holidays with and confiding in during difficult times. This was not the case with my ex-boyfriend. His family was uptight, judgmental and superficial. I couldn’t be myself around them, and as much as I tried to convince myself he didn’t fit in with my family either. After that relationship ended, I knew that fitting in with my family would be a crucial factor that I couldn’t overlook next time.

After meeting my boyfriend’s family for the first time, even though it was scary, I instantly realized what a wonderful group of people they are. All the joking around that took place reassured me that I could be myself. These were the people that I could see visiting with during holidays and spending quality time with. After being won over by his family, I hoped that he would like my family just as much as I liked his. Over the past five months he had only seen my family a few brief times. The only way he could truly get to know my family would be spending more time than just a few hello and goodbyes with them. This past weekend my wishes were granted when he came to spend Saturday evening with us.

First, he attended Mass with me and my siblings, and then him and I cooked a big dinner together. My family eagerly waited as we cooked up chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and corn on the cob. The kitchen soon smelled like well-seasoned delicious food in a home-styled restaurant. We all sat down at the dining room table and all that was heard were sounds of chewing and laughter. Following dinner we played Apples to Apples and throughout the game we laughed, poked fun at each other and grumbled as my brother triumphed in his victory. As I looked to my right, I could see my boyfriend laughing along with everyone just like he belonged there. I can’t even explain how much joy that brought to my heart because I knew that I had finally found someone who fit into my family in the best kind of way.


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