Movie theater intervention

People take life for granted all the time. Those of us who don’t suffer from a physical disability or health condition should thank God every day for this significant blessing. We don’t have to rely on a cane to walk; we can speak, hear and see freely; and we don’t allow a mental illness to define us. I’m truly blessed: I’ve never been encumbered by a physical disability.

During a recent doctor’s visit, I discovered my “bad” cholesterol is elevated and I’m pre-diabetic. The bulk of the blame goes to poor diet and exercise. All this can be turned around with a few lifestyle changes. Instead of jumping on this goal, I got depressed. I thought about the girl I was a couple years ago: thin and pretty. Now I looked like I ate that girl. I won’t lie, I started hating how I looked.

As if God intervened, I was at the movies with my boyfriend on Saturday night. I went to the restroom before the movie, and when I was washing my hands I saw a 10-year-old girl exit a stall with her mom. She was holding a walking stick and staring straight ahead – this young girl was blind. I thought about all the things this girl was missing out on by not being able to see, and here I was, a healthy 22-year-old woman with elevated cholesterol. I felt ashamed for hating my body when I should’ve been happy.

“Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fairytale.” – Wale Ayeni 

I will never look down on myself again. I’m a beautiful daughter of Christ, and I will start treating my body like the temple it is by indulging it with healthy food and exercise. I’m so grateful that blind girl crossed my path – she showed me how to live a thankful lifestyle in the presence of obstacles.


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