No exit strategy needed

roadTwo days ago I celebrated a milestone; my boyfriend and I have made it to our six-month mark. Normally, this isn’t something worth celebrating because it’s not an anniversary, which is defined as an annual celebration for each year of a couple’s relationship. However, I’ve always enjoyed doing something special at six months because even though it’s only halfway to the first year anniversary, it shows that the relationship is going to work. In my experience, if the relationship is doomed to fail then the breakup will likely occur before the half-year mark. There are several exit strategies that can be taken before that point. Whether it’s after one day, a week, a month, three months or anywhere in between. But once you’ve spent six months enjoying the company of someone else, it’s those memories that make you certain the bond is built to last. I have only celebrated one six-month anniversary before, and believe me when I say that this celebration captured more memories and romance. It simply, “blew it [the other celebration] out of the water.”

During our half-year anniversary weekend celebration, we created several key memories. On Friday night, we attended New Theatre in Overland Park and dined and watched the musical Chicago. For the first time since we started seeing each other back in February, we dressed up for a hot date night. The food was fantastic, the atmosphere was beautiful and the stage radiated talent. Afterwards we drove back home in a torrential downpour and spent the rest of the night wrapped in each other’s arms. Saturday, August 20 marked the actual day of our anniversary. After attending mass we decided to grab some drinks from Sonic and take a walk around Gage Park, which was exactly what we did on our first date. In the middle of Gage Park there’s a fountain. We rested on a nearby bench, and I laid my head on his shoulder and we talked about our favorite memories from the past six months.

It was at that moment that I realized how much we’ve done. From all the new places we’ve visited, restaurants we’ve tried, movies and shows we’ve binge-watched, plans we’ve made… we have been one busy couple, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. On Sunday we drove in to Kansas City to take in a free Royals game, courtesy of the company I’m interning for, and watched them defeat the Minnesota Twins in a 2-1 victory. In the course of two and a half days we added three new dates to our memory jar, and I know that we will just keep adding more and more memories as we continue to fall deeper in love. The fact that these first six months have been the best of my life has reassured me we’re going to last, because not once in the course of these six months have I thought about needing an exit strategy. With him by my side, I just want to keep traveling down the highway of life.


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