No exit strategy

Two days ago my boyfriend and I celebrated our six-month anniversary. Normally, this isn’t worth celebrating because it’s not an annual anniversary. I enjoy doing something special for six months because even though it’s only halfway to an actual anniversary, it shows the relationship is going well. If the relationship is doomed to fail then a breakup will occur before the half-year mark. There are several exit strategies that can be taken before then – three weeks, two months or anywhere in between. Once you’ve spent six months enjoying the company of someone else, it’s the memories that make you certain the bond will last.


During our weekend celebration, we made several memories. On Friday night, we attended New Theatre to dine and watch Chicago. This was our first time dressing up for a hot date. The food was fantastic, the atmosphere was beautiful and the stage was radiant. Saturday, Aug. 20 marked our actual anniversary. After attending Mass we grabbed drinks from Sonic and walked around Gage Park to reenact our first date. We rested on a bench and talked about our favorite memories so far.

Talking about our memories made me realize how much we’ve done. The new places we’ve visited, restaurants we’ve tried, movies and shows we’ve binge-watched, plans we’ve made – we’ve been a busy couple. On Sunday we drove to KC for a free Royals game, courtesy of my internship, and watched them defeat the Minnesota Twins in a 2-1 victory. In two and a half days we added three new dates to the memory jar, and I know we’ll keep adding more. Not once in the last six months have I thought about an exit strategy because with him by my side I don’t need one.


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