Resurrecting the happy girl

2016 is drawing to a close – less than three months to go. I’m happy to leave it in the past and start anew in 2017. There are a few words I’d use to describe 2016: exhausting, frustrating and humbling. The struggles have overshadowed the blessings. This should’ve been labeled a good year because I graduated from college and met the man of my dreams, but when my Oma had two strokes all I could see was the bad. To make matters worse, my other grandma is stuck in an assisted living center where the staff cares more about their phones. Our family’s closeness has faded because of the stress. To top it off, I’m supposed to move forward with my life.

Before 2016, I had a good handle on life: conquering college, core group of friends, solid major and starring roles in the theatre dept. Don’t get me wrong, the first few months of 2016 were amazing. I started dating a great guy in February while conquering a 19-credit course load. I was ready to finish finals and graduate, but that’s when it all went sideways. Less than two weeks before finals, I found out one of my favorite people was in the hospital.

“There’s that occasional night when you just break down and cry because you know things will never be the same.”

I wasn’t such an empathetic person, this tragedy wouldn’t have affected me so drastically. I’ve never dealt with a loss so close before. It was hard to be the smiley happy-go-lucky girl for the remainder of 2016. People know me as a friendly girl, but I believe a fresh start is in order to resurrect her. A new chance to accept that life will never be the same, but learn to come to terms with that as 2017 begins.


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