Vivid dreams stick around

Dreams, a succession of images that parade through our minds during sleep, are often harmless. Other times, they disrupt our sleep and cause us to wake up, heart racing. I only remember my dreams when they’re extremely vivid or intense. This week I’ve had three realistic dreams that I can’t seem to let go. Even after I opened my eyes, I still felt like I was living out the dream.


Each dream starred someone from my life – past or present. In the first dream, I met up with my best guy friend for an adventure – trying to attend a university fair, tracking down friends at a Chinese restaurant and sitting next to a naked man at Mass. The second dream took place in the future: I got engaged, married and had my first son. The joy I experienced in the dream woke me up made me feel my left hand for a ring. The third and final dream involved me catching up with my best friend/elementary school crush in the present day.

All three dreams left me wanting more – more romance, adventure, and reminiscing. That’s the downside of dreams: you have to wake up. The mystery is why these dreams happen when they do. What causes them? Everyone dreams, but why do specific dreams spark intense feelings that stick around long enough to reiterate them in detail? A Google search indicates stress, new sleep patterns, spicy food before bed, sleep apnea, anxiety and mental disorders produce vivid dreams. I don’t know which factor caused mine, but as long as I’m not dreaming that I’m trapped in a dark room full of snakes then I’m fine if these dreams continue.


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