Perception from emojis

Texting is the go-to communication method for teenagers and young adults. It only seems fitting that Apple routinely updates and adds new icons to the iPhone’s emoji keyboard. The newest update added new food emojis and provided detailed brightness to existing emojis. Emojis are a way to include emotional context in a text message. Some people dislike texting because it’s impersonal compared to a phone call or letter. However, with a collection of face icons, you can let the person who you’re texting know how you’re feeling without them seeing your face.


My boyfriend and I text constantly. As much as I love the sound of his voice, texting is our most viable option because of his work schedule. If you look through our conversations, you’d see at least one emoji in each text. Our top-five emojis are 😍😉💜😘😂 These emojis tell you we enjoy laughing and expressing love. It wasn’t until today, during our conversation, that I had an emoji epiphany. In one of his texts, he used 🙏🏻 emoji. He used it with a religious intent to accompany the word “blessed.” After I read his text, I remembered a friend who told me this emoji was meant to be used to symbolize a high-five.

The 🙏🏻 emoji got me thinking about perception. When I first saw that emoji, I saw a pair of hands praying. If I wasn’t Catholic and saw that emoji for the first time, I probably would’ve described it as a high-five. My interpretation was based on my religious background, but someone else’s interpretation could’ve been based on the high-fives they give people to congratulate them. Everyone perceives life differently, and sometimes those differences cause stupid arguments. Only clear communication can correct the destruction perception causes. It’s amazing how a simple 🙏🏻 emoji gave me such a profound epiphany.


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