Key fit, knob turned and door opened

Most of the time when we’re traveling down a dark, uncertain tunnel for long enough, it becomes impossible for us to imagine the light at the end. The same goes for rejection. The more rejection we face, the harder it becomes for us to picture what success will look like. Over the past six months, I’ve been slowly meandering through the tunnel of job hunting. At times, I felt like I was progressing, while other times I felt two steps back. Every door I approached took the form of an interview, I would try to use my key to open it, but the knob wouldn’t budge and the exit would remain locked. I didn’t possess the right key or in terms of job hunting, the right qualifications. The lack of a key forced me to try another direction. Pretty soon the tunnel transformed into an intricate, aggravating maze. I feared I would never reach the end.

I believe in trusting God’s plan, but after being stuck in this tunnel for months, I started to doubt and even worse, I grew angry and distant from God. I blamed him for not giving me the right key to access the right door. I doubted my skills and believed no company wanted to hire me. This constant rejection pushed me further from picturing what my life would look like when the right key came my way in the form of a job offer. I was so tired of walking aimlessly through the dark, confusing maze. I’d begged God so many times for a new opportunity. I told him I was ready to start working, but he didn’t immediately answer, and I was past the point of impatience.

Then a week ago, I received a follow-up email from a local recruitment firm regarding a resume I’d sent in. She met with me and set up an interview with a telecommunications company that shall remain nameless. At this point, I’d trained myself not to get my hopes up. None of my keys had worked so far, so what was going to be different this time around? Just like with every other interview, I prepped, dressed appropriately and showed up on time. The recruiter I’d been working with told me to call afterward and provide my feedback. Before I had the chance to call her, my phone rang. After rambling on for five minutes with my positive remarks, she said “Well Amy, I’m glad to hear that because they’ve already contacted us and want to make you an offer.”

Dear Lord, thank you for the assurance that when one door of opportunity closes, you will open a bigger and better door for me. Teach me to trust in you more deeply and lean not on my own understanding. Amen

My heart started racing. My interview started at 2 p.m., lasted about an hour and I’d just gotten home. How could they have already made an offer? I expressed my disbelief and she simply said, “They were looking to be wowed, and you wowed them.” It was at this moment I could feel the warmth of the light because I’d made it to the end of the tunnel. The key fit, the knob turned and the door opened. That night after the excitement settled, I knelt down by my bed and opened in prayer. I thanked God for this incredible opportunity and apologized for doubting him every step of the way. This position was everything I’d been looking for from the start: local company, great pay, collaborative team setting, creative department, writing-based position… and so on. Every door I failed to pass through hadn’t been a good enough fit, and at the time I didn’t see that. I was blinded by my frustration, but God had taken care of me, knew what I deserved and followed through.

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