Starstruck @ Expocentre

Last night, my boyfriend and I ventured to the Expocentre in Topeka, KS for Big Church Night Out. This concert included various artists from solo performers to top-notch Christian groups. The night’s line-up from the beginning: Adam Agee, Blanca, Derek Minor, 7eventh Time Down, Sidewalk Prophets, Brock Gill (magician), Jamison Strain, and Newsboys with fillers from Jeremy Willet, the MC. When we ordered our tickets online, we only had a say about section and row. When we arrived, we were surprised by the location of our seats – aisle seats with a perfect view of the stage and catwalk.

From the moment the concert began at 7 p.m., there was an undeniable sense of God in the arena. For one night, 2,000 people set aside their differences and joined together as one to praise the Lord. It’s an electrifying feeling being surrounded by so many people who share the same incredible faith as you. I was free to stand, sway, dance or raise my arms to connect to the faithful tunes that filled the building and vibrated through my heart and soul. As many performers said, if feelings of love and unity were spread throughout our country and world as a whole, there wouldn’t be as many divisions.

🎤”Oh, what are we waiting for. Let’s take it around the world. We’ll start a fight and join the fight in this love riot. Oh, ready, set, here we go. From London to Tokyo. You gotta unite and join the fight in this love riot.” – Love Riot, Newsboys ❤️

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When we decided to attend the concert, we both had different motives for going. I have always been obsessed with the Newsboys. I find their music invigorating and beautiful. On the other hand, John likes more hardcore Christian groups like Pillar and Decyfer Down, so he was more excited to witness 7eventh Time Down. However, we were both surprised and captivated by each performance and the concert’s diversity in entirety. We heard every genre of music from Blanca’s hip-hop to 7TD’s rock. To top it all off, the light show, especially for the Newsboys, was extraordinary and even blinding at times.

After the Newsboys closed out the night with “God’s Not Dead,” we thought the fun was over, but we couldn’t have been more wrong. As we entered the Expocentre lobby to pass by the bands’ merchandise tables, we stopped dead in our tracks. There standing next to their merch table was none other than two members of 7TD … my heart raced and I could barely breathe. Now I knew what it felt like to be starstruck. We engaged in small talk and then someone offered to take our photo – for FREE. As we left their table, a pattern emerged: other artists were posing with fans at their own tables. We snagged photos with Blanca, Sidewalk Prophets and Adam Agee.

We left the Expocentre feeling exhilarated. This night had transformed into so much more than a traditional Christian concert. I even shed a few tears because of how emotional and grateful I was for a night that was such a gift. It was the perfect depiction of unforgettable.


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