Person behind the posts


“Sharing the contents of one’s heart is the bravest thing one can do, and that is my ultimate goal for Creative Clarity.” 

I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been writing creatively. If I had to pinpoint the start, it would be my seventh grade English class. When we dove into the poetry section of the class, I was hooked! For the next couple years, my focus was cranking out poetry – whether tragic or joyful.

As years passed I started growing out of my love of poetry. During college, I started blogging, and it quickly became a passion. The emotional release, positive escape, and intellectual challenge are all reasons behind my love of it.

I have a BA in Mass Media/Journalism from Washburn University and work as an email writer for a telecommunications company in Overland Park. In addition to blogging, I find joy in theatre, scrapbooking, photography, and movie-watching.

If you stumble across Creative Clarity, I hope you connect with one or more posts. Everything I choose to include displays my writing style and who I am – a young, passionate, faith-filled woman. Enjoy!


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