Game night and ice-cream

Introducing your S/O to your family is daunting, but so is introducing him to your friends. It’s important he gets along with the most important people in your life. If he doesn’t, it can present huge obstacles later on. My boyfriend passed the family test less than six months into our relationship, and he’s spent multiple occasions with them since. However, it wasn’t until a couple days ago that he met one of my best friends. I can’t believe it took almost a year and a half to coordinate this meeting, but we can finally cross it off.

For a little backstory, there was a reason I was nervous about this meeting. We all know guy/girl friendships are complicated, especially when one or both parties are in romantic relationships. Early on my boyfriend and I got into a heated argument about this friendship. When we resolved it, we concluded that neither of us handled it in the best way. I should’ve worked harder to set up a time for them to meet, but since I didn’t my boyfriend felt uncomfortable and shut out.

My friend lives in St. Louis and sporadically visits KC and my boyfriend lives an hour away, so coordinating a meeting time wasn’t easy. Finally, timing matched up. Saturday, July 8, my friend was in town during a day my boyfriend came to visit. Choosing what to do was difficult. I didn’t want my single friend to feel like a third wheel, so I involved my family – pizza and game night. When my friend showed up at the house, I anxiously introduced them. Like men do, they shook hands.

After dinner, the five of us, my siblings included, gathered in the basement and dug into a pile of games. We started with Phase 10, a complex card game. Next, we switched to Bananagrams, a freestyle version of Scrabble. The fun part of this vocabulary-based game was the fierce competition between my friend and my brother. They were both quick thinkers, so the game moved as fast as their minds. The healthy competition sparked laughter and shouting during both games.

After several rounds of Bananagrams, we took an ice-cream break, and then started a board game called Loaded Questions. This was the perfect game because the objective was to learn more about other players. Surprisingly, my brother ended up winning even though I was ahead for most of the game. Our final game was Apples to Apples – the adult version. Two differences between the kid and adult versions were contemporary nouns on the red cards and two adjectives to choose from on each green card. We played to five green cards, and my boyfriend ended up dominating us all.

After four games we were all exhausted. After we finished Apples to Apples it was after 11 p.m. The five of us ended up talking/sharing stories until close to 1 a.m. I was shocked my siblings stayed up so late. I guess when you’re exchanging fart stories… it’s difficult to not be entertained.🙄 At 1 a.m. my boyfriend and I drove my friend back to his Dad’s apartment and said our goodbyes.

As fulfilling as the night had been, I was sad it was so late. My boyfriend left at 1:30 a.m., and I was left wishing we could’ve had more alone time. However, I knew it was worth it because he met my friend and spent more time with my siblings. It was even worth waking up with a horrendous migraine the following morning after not going to bed until 4 a.m. – don’t ask.

I spent the next day recovering from my migraine with movies, R&R, and caffeine. During the day I kept having a recurring thought from the night before. During the argument we’d had about my best friend back in January, I was fighting to keep the friendship the same. After Saturday night, I realized the likelihood of the friendship lasting isn’t very high. In that moment, I realized I’d survive if it ended. He and I have been friends for 10+ years, but the reason I’d be okay if the friendship didn’t last is that I have a new best friend – the man I’m dating.

“There’s a reason BF stands for boyfriend and best friend. They should be one in the same.”


Apples-to-good memories

I know when you marry someone you’re marrying his family too. It’s important to fall in love with your S/O and “fall in like” with his family. I don’t want my marriage to encompass my family not getting along with my husband or vice versa. When I meet my boyfriend’s family, I secretly hope they’re the kind of people I could see spending holidays with. I didn’t feel a connection to my ex’s family – they were uptight, judgmental and superficial. After we broke up, I knew fitting into each other’s families was a crucial factor that couldn’t be overlooked in my next relationship.

After meeting my boyfriend’s family, I deemed them to be a wonderful group of people. All the joking assured me I could be myself. These were people that I could see visiting with during holidays. After being won over by his family, I hoped he would like my family, too. Over the past five months, he’d only seen my family a few times. I knew I needed to arrange some quality time, and last weekend he visited and spent Saturday evening with us.


First, we attended Mass with my siblings, and then he and I cooked a big dinner together. My family eagerly waited as we cooked chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy, green beans, and corn on the cob. We sat at the dining room table and chatted, laughed and chewed. Following dinner we played Apples to Apples – we laughed, teased and grumbled about my brother’s victory. When I looked to my right, I saw him laughing along with everyone – he looked like he belonged. I finally found someone who fit into my family in a good way.