Distinguishing awe moments

After watching me whip out my phone to snap photos of beautiful landscapes, my boyfriend and I discussed getting me a real camera – a Sony Cybershot. When I opened it, I was surprised by the size – very small and easy to carry. Since he gave it to me before Christmas, I used it to photograph a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert and Christmas Eve and Day/my birthday.

“The sky is an infinite movie to me, I never get tired of looking at what’s happening up there.” – K.D. Lang, Canadian singer/songwriter

My camera is great – don’t get me wrong – but sometimes I still whip out my iPhone for quick photos of a sunset or captivating sky. After celebrating Christmas in OP, I drove back with my boyfriend to stay a week at his place. This afternoon we drove to a nearby town to return a Redbox DVD, and on our way back I suggested we stop at Lake Perry to see the sunset. We pulled into a camping ground next to the lake, and I walked closer to get a better angle. However, the sun’s intense glare prevented a worthy photo, so I returned to the truck in defeat.

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After we left, he took a surprising turn and drove us through a neighborhood I’d never seen before – He wouldn’t tell me where we were going. After 15 minutes, he pulled onto a small path alongside the lake – Only this time we were on the opposite side. The sun was still setting, so I seized the opportunity for a better photo and jumped out of the car. I got in several shots before caving to the harsh winds and darting back to the truck. I realized in that moment how lucky I was to be with someone who encouraged my love of capturing gorgeous landscapes.

After doing some minor editing and cropping, I saw true beauty in my photos – The way the setting sun illuminates the lake, the ripples that move effortlessly through the water, the wispiness of the cirrus clouds and the detail of each branch. I hope more breathtaking sunsets like this occur when I have my camera with me.